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2022-05-09: News Headlines

Christoph Pflueger, Nicolas Riedl & K Chavent (2022-05-09). The price explosion of wheat. indybay.org Many people in this country develop the willingness to explicitly freeze for an ideal. Whether for freedom of whatever kind or for the climate. Every jitter, every pore of goose bumps serves the absolutely good and morally right. Already now one could marvel at signs on "peace demos", on which was written: "Better freeze, than gas from Putin!"

Zero Waste Sonoma (2022-05-09). Saturday 5/14: Fix-It Clinic. indybay.org Tek Tailor | 3251 Santa Rosa Ave. | Santa Rosa, CA 95407…

Brenda Norrell (2022-05-09). Attorneys Organization Files in Support of Standing Rock Water Protectors in Federal Court. indybay.org The National Police Accountability Project, composed of attorneys nationwide, has filed in federal appeals court in support of Standing Rock Water Protectors. The attorneys told the court that the force used against Water Protectors was "unreasonably excessive," and violated their Fourth Amendment right, which protects people from unreasonable search and seizure by the government.

Sandipan Talukdar (2022-05-08). Climate change, habitat loss and over-exploitation are triggering decline of global bird population. peoplesdispatch.org The study found that around 48% of the existing bird species worldwide are declining in their population and blamed it on climate change, loss of habitats and over-exploitation…

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