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2022-05-05: News Headlines

Alan MacLeod (2022-05-04). The NATO to TikTok Pipeline: Why is TikTok Employing so Many National Security Agents? orinocotribune.com By Alan Macleod — Apr 29, 2022 | TikTok has become an enormously influential medium that reaches over one billion people worldwide. Having control over its algorithm or content moderation means the ability to set the terms of global debate and decide what people see. And what they don't. | CULVER CITY, CALIFORNIA — As the bloody conflict in Ukraine continues to escalate, so does the online propaganda war between Russia and the West. A prime example of this is the White House directly briefing influencers on popular social media app TikTok about the war and how to cover it. As the crisis spirals out of…

rebekah (2022-05-04). Making Childcare Work for Both Mothers and Our Climate. inequality.org

Sharon Zhang (2022-05-04). Americans Would Be More Likely to Vote for Democrats If They Pass a Climate Bill. truthout.org If Democrats use their majorities in Congress to pass meaningful climate legislation, it could be a huge boon to their party in the upcoming midterm elections, new polling shows. | A poll of over 1,100 likely voters conducted by Climate Power and Data for Progress shows that

Morning Star (2022-05-04). German unions begin rolling strikes against money for arms. peoplesworld.org GERMAN social services and education workers began rolling strikes on Monday ahead of a new round of pay negotiations on May 16, warning the government not to spend money on arms that should go to raise wages and address climate change. Hundreds of striking social workers paraded through the streets in what the Ver.di general …

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