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2021-10-08: News Headlines

Peoples Dispatch (2021-10-08). Indigenous people take over a pipeline station in the Peruvian Amazon. peoplesdispatch.org The Indigenous people of the Loreto region in the Peruvian Amazon are demanding environmental remediation against numerous oil spills. They also seek infrastructure guaranteeing basic services in the region…

Viv Forbes (2021-10-08). Climate Lies and Green Energy Propaganda: Time for Truth-Telling in Glasgow. globalresearch.ca

Dr. Andrew Glikson (2021-10-08). The Glasgow Climate Agenda: Global Warming to 2⁰C and Beyond. globalresearch.ca

Brett Wilkins (2021-10-08). Big Oil Spending Millions to Gut Key Build Back Better Climate Provisions. zcomm.org "Make no mistake: If the Build Back Better bill wasn't a once-in-a-generation opportunity to invest in climate action, the fossil fuel industry wouldn't be pouring out millions of dollars trying to stop it."

Jeffrey St. Clair (2021-10-08). Roaming Charges: When the Inevitable Becomes the Criminal. counterpunch.org The Huntington Beach blowout was not merely predictable. It was inevitable. But when does the inevitable become the criminal? And where does the liability begin and end? With the pipeline company? The oil drilling company? The holding companies? Their lobbyists and PR hacks? The hedge funds? The regulators? The politicians?

Carey Gillam (2021-10-08). Bayer Wins Roundup Trial; Plaintiff Fails to Prove Exposure Caused Child's Disease. globalresearch.ca

Ann Brown (2021-10-07). Democrat Senator Sinema Under Scrutiny Over Net Worth Exploding From $35K To $1 Million. moguldom.com All eyes are on Arizona Democrat Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, with many wondering how she increased her net worth from $32,500 in 2018 to an estimated $1 million today. Sinema is blocking the Democrats from passing an ambitious social policy and climate bill while at the same time raising money from five business lobbying groups, many of …

WSWS (2021-10-07). Nobel Prize in Physics awarded for pioneering research in climate change and chaos theory. wsws.org This year's prize highlights the connection between seemingly random events, such as the weather on a given day, showing they arise from law-governed and knowable underlying processes.

John Feffer (2021-10-07). Climate-Change Transition in the Age of the Billionaire. counterpunch.org It was supposed to be the greatest transition of modern times. Practically overnight, a dirty, inefficient, and unjust system that encompassed 11 time zones was to undergo an extreme makeover. Billions of dollars were available to speed the process. A new crew of transition experts came up with the blueprint and the public was overwhelmingly

John Feffer (2021-10-07). Climate-change transition in the Age of Billionaires. salon.com Can we create a world of solidarity economics or are we doomed to climate profiteering?>

Juan Cole (2021-10-07). Coral reefs are dying as climate change decimates ocean ecosystems vital to fish and humans. juancole.com By Sam Purkis | — The Chagos Archipelago is one of the most remote, seemingly idyllic places on Earth. Coconut-covered sandy beaches with incredible bird life rim tropical islands in the Indian Ocean, hundreds of miles from any continent. Just below the waves, coral reefs stretch for miles along an underwater mountain chain. It's a …

sputniknews (2021-10-07). 123 Arrested as Climate Activists Block Central Bridge in Finnish Capital. sputniknews.com The demonstrators urge the Finnish government declare a climate emergency and act more forcefully on the climate change, including binding legislation in order to achieve carbon neutrality by 2025, a decade ahead of the government's current goal of 2035.

Extinction Rebellion Santa Cruz (2021-10-07). Friday 10/8: Stop the Money Pipeline at CHASE. indybay.org Chase Bank on Ocean Street, Santa Cruz…

Jake Johnson (2021-10-07). As Rich Nations Waste Doses, Most African Countries Miss 10% Vaccination Goal. zcomm.org "We have recently seen a billionaire take a healthcare worker on a journey into space. But back here on planet Earth we have millions of nurses waiting for a vaccine."

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