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2021-11-07: News Headlines

Kenny Stancil (2021-11-07). 'Foolishness': House Passes Infrastructure Bill But Postpones Build Back Better Act. zcomm.org "Passing the infrastructure bill without passing the Build Back Better Act first," said Rep. Ilhan Omar, "risks leaving behind child care, paid leave, healthcare, climate action, housing, education, and a roadmap to citizenship."

_____ (2021-11-07). Path To Extinction Or To A Livable Future. popularresistance.org As climate change leads humanity's march to Armageddon, data surfacing during late 2021 suggests that the march could be much briefer than previously thought. "Nature is starting to emit greenhouse gases in competition with cars, planes, trains, and factories," asserts Robert Hunziker. The Amazon has switched from soaking up CO2 to emitting it. Likewise, the Arctic has flipped from being a carbon sink to becoming an emission source. Permafrost is giving off the three main greenhouse gases (GHGs): CO2, methane, and nitrous oxide. So much Siberian permafrost is melting that buildings are collapsing as methane bombs…

ecns.cn (2021-11-07). Amazon exec: CIIE key for creating world-class business climate. ecns.cn The China International Import Expo is not only an exhibition for imported products and innovative technology, but also an important platform for creating a world-class business environment, stimulating market development potential and enhancing international exchanges, said Li Yanchuan, head of the China Global Store and Prime, Amazon.

Newsclick (2021-11-07). Mapping Faultlines: Three ways to understand COP26 and climate change. peoplesdispatch.org NewsClick's Prabir Purkayastha talks about the key issues at stake at the COP26 negotiations in Glasgow. How do we understand emissions from various countries and the issue of justice on issues of climate?

Staff (2021-11-07). Fix the money, fix the world: RT's Keiser Report looks at why eco-themed meetings of fiat world leaders are doomed to fail. rt.com The ongoing climate change conference in Glasgow seems to bear no fruit, as world leaders continue struggling to reach consensus on the energy transition away from carbon. | Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert dissect the green energy lobby as yet another example of colonialism, while true eco-geopolitical innovation is taking place far from money-printing agendas — in the bitcoin-mining 'land of volcanoes', El Salvador. | For more stories on economy & finance visit

Olivia Engling (2021-11-07). COP26: New Research Shows Latin American and Caribbean Countries Face Growing Climate Risk. indybay.org Washington DC — As climate talks continue in Scotland, new research shows that developing countries lack the resources to respond to the climate crisis.

Christian Hofmann (2021-11-07). On the "end of the climate crisis" indybay.org "[G]lobal warming, environmental degradation, and growing inequality are primarily the consequences of an unleashed economic mode that is focused on profit and quarterly numbers, but not on the well-being of people and nature"

Alex Bainbridge (2021-11-07). System change, not climate change: Australia joins COP26 global day of action. greenleft.org.au Australia-wide rallies were organised to coincide with the COP26 global day of action demanding climate justice. Alex Bainbridge reports.

The Conversation (2021-11-07). COP26: here's what it would take to end coal power worldwide. juancole.com By Alex Clark | — More than 40 countries have signed an agreement at COP26, the latest UN climate change summit in Glasgow, to phase out coal in electricity generation. The signatories include some of the world's biggest coal burners: Canada, Poland, Vietnam, South Korea, Ukraine and Indonesia. The larger of these economies pledge to …

| Namekathleen Merrigan, Executive Director, Swette Center For Sustainable Food Systems, Arizona State University (2021-11-07). Unlike the US, Europe is setting ambitious targets for producing more organic food. Kathleen Merrigan, Executive Director, Swette Center for Sustainable Food Systems, Arizona State University

Suds, Snacks,, Socialism Forum Committee (2021-11-07). Saturday 11/13: The Glasgow Climate Summit — What The Sierra Club Won't Tell You. indybay.org Online, Please register in advance at bit.ly/Glasgow_SSS_211113 to receive your personal link for this event.

CA Poor People's Campaign (2021-11-07). Sunday 11/14: Climate Crisis: A "Perfect Storm" of Interlocking Injustices for Poor, Indigenious, POC. indybay.org Online via Zoom…

| Namejianjun Yin, Associate Professor of Geoscience, University of Arizona (2021-11-07). East Coast flooding is a reminder that sea level is rising as the climate warms — here's why the ocean is pouring in more often. Jianjun Yin, Associate Professor of Geoscience, University of Arizona

Jack Rasmus (2021-11-07). How Democrat Progressives Got Out-Maneuvered by Their Corporate Wing. zcomm.org From an original bill with $3.5 trillion in social safety net and climate investments in the Reconciliation bill, progressives pared down their proposals to $1.75 trillion…

teleSUR (2021-11-07). COP26: First Week Ends With Partial Voluntary Agreements. telesurenglish.net Since the start of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) on Oct. 31, the participants have reached a consensus on some partial agreements to fight against global climate change. | RELATED: | Most independent observers agree that these commitments' real contribution depends on a timely application. Greenpeace also noted that the initiatives "are voluntary" and their "fine print includes loopholes." | If the m…

Tom Anderson (2021-11-07). Two corporate sponsors of COP26 are accused of driving ecological destruction. thecanary.co Two of the sponsors of the COP26 climate summit have been listed in a new database of 300 UK companies profiting from environmental destruction. | UK research group "Primary planet killer": | According to Corporate Watch: | Unilever, one of the "principal partners" for COP26, is listed in the directory as a "primary planet killer" — a major polluter on the frontlines of destruction. Unilever, a major user of palm oil, is connected to rainforest clearan…

| Namedoreen Stabinsky, Professor of Global Environmental Politics, College of the Atlantic (2021-11-07). Forests can't handle all the net-zero emissions plans — companies and countries expect nature to offset too much carbon. Doreen Stabinsky, Professor of Global Environmental Politics, College of the Atlantic

Juan Cole (2021-11-07). Goodies for Greens in Biden's $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Act. zcomm.org Every pound of carbon dioxide not emitted is a fraction of global heating or climate destabilization that doesn't happen. Some of the anti-carbon language in this act is unprecedented in federal legislation. Let us celebrate this…

WorkWeek (2021-11-07). WorkWeek No Public Funds For Billionaire John Fisher A's Stadium & Indy Media. indybay.org WorkWeek covers a protest against the Alameda Board of Supervisors giving more than $300 million in public money to GAP A's billionaire owner John Fisher for his new A's stadium in the Port of Oakland. WorkWeek also covers and independent journalist forum in San Francisco held during July. WorkWeek also covers a protest at BlackRock in San Francisco during the G20 climate conference and also a strike of 150,000 South African engineering workers who are members of the National Union of Metal Workers of South Africa.

Peter Boyle (2021-11-07). First Nations people and Pacific islanders front and centre in COP26 march. greenleft.org.au First Nations and Pacific islander voices were front and centre in the Sydney COP26 climate action march, reports Peter Boyle.

| Namesonja Klinsky, Associate Professor, Senior Global Futures Scientist, Arizona State University (2021-11-07). Climate change is a justice issue — these 6 charts show why. Sonja Klinsky, Associate Professor and Senior Global Futures Scientist, Arizona State University

Center for Biological Diversity (2021-11-07). Anti-Fossil Fuel Protest Meets U.S. Interior Secretary at COP26. indybay.org Biden Administration is Breaking Promise to Halt New Federal Leasing, Fracking…

Staff (2021-11-07). Head of Bavaria offers solution to gas shortage ahead of approaching winter. rt.com The minister-president of the German state of Bavaria, Markus Soder, has called for a rapid launch of Russia's Nord Stream 2 pipeline, saying it would ensure stable gas supplies ahead of the cold season. | "A wise strategy to ensure power supplies is necessary. In this regard, there are good reasons to launch the Nord Stream 2 pipeline soon to bring gas prices to a normal level," Soder said in an interview with Funke Mediengruppe, A…

morningstaronline.co.uk (2021-11-07). Cop26: it's socialism or extinction. morningstaronline.co.uk


sputniknews (2021-11-06). Biden Hails Passage of Infrastructure Plan as 'Monumental Step Forward'. sputniknews.com The House passed the president's $1 trillion+ infrastructure bill on Friday evening, putting an end to months of deadlock and bickering inside the Democratic Party caused by disagreement about just how much to spend on the separate but related Build Back Better social and climate change spending agenda.

Kenny Stancil (2021-11-06). Pelosi and Biden Acquiesce to Party's Right Wing With Infrastructure Bill Vote. truthout.org The U.S. House on Friday night passed a bipartisan physical infrastructure bill but didn't bring the Build Back Better Act to the floor — sending just one half of President Joe Biden's two-pronged economic agenda to the White House, with only a pledge that conservative House Democrats will vote for the party's broader social infrastructure and climate package at a later date. | That wasn't the plan on Friday morning. When the day started, Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.)…

_____ (2021-11-06). Defund The Global Climate Wall. popularresistance.org Blinken's sentiment was echoed by a report on the impact of climate change and migration from the White House earlier this month, one of a slew of reports as the U.S. prepared for the United Nations summit on climate change that begins in Glasgow on October 31. According to the report, "The current migration situation extending from the U.S.-Mexico border into Central America presents an opportunity for the United States to model good practice and discuss openly managing migration humanely, [and] highlight the role of climate change in migration."

cop26coalition (2021-11-06). About COP26 Global Climate Talks. cop26coalition.org Learn more about the history, terms, and processes of the UN climate change negotiations and COP26 in particular.

F. William Engdahl (2021-11-06). Climate and the Money Trail. globalresearch.ca The very mega-billionaires behind the globalization of the world economy who have wreaked so much damage to our environment are the leading backers of the "grassroots" climate movement. Is it pangs of guilty conscience, or could it be a deeper agenda of the financialization of the very air we breathe and more?

Matthew Ehret-Kump (2021-11-06). In Defense of CO2: Astro-Climatology, Climategate and Common Sense Revisited. globalresearch.ca

Prof. Claudia von Werlhof (2021-11-06). Global WAR-NING! Geoengineering Is Wrecking Our Planet and Humanity. globalresearch.ca World leaders are meeting in Glasgow at COP-26. All eyes are now on "the imminent dangers of CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions". The "climate emergency" is a timely instrument of propaganda used to distract people from questioning "the real crisis", namely the Covid-19 "plandemic".

Prof. Richard S. Lindzen (2021-11-06). Climate Science: Is it Currently Designed to Answer Questions? globalresearch.ca

Rania Khalek (2021-11-06). 'We're Fighting for System Change, That's What It's Going to Take to Stop This Climate Crisis'. thealtworld.com World leaders are meeting in Glasgow for the COP26 climate conference, but the minimal promises made at these gatherings are not kept and are not enough. Communities in the Global South are demanding real and meaningful change — an entire system change away from profit-driven, rather than people-driven, governments. | Mozambique-based activist Dipti Bhatnagar discusses the conditions that the Global South is grappling with (from the climate change that the West is largely responsible for), and the dire necessity for real change. Bhatnagar is climate justice & energy coordinator with Friends of the Earth Int…

_____ (2021-11-06). Missing From the Climate Talks: Corporate Powers to Sue Governments That Limit Pollution. commondreams.org

Julia Conley (2021-11-06). Decrying 'Greenwashing' at COP26, Youth Climate Leaders Join Tens of Thousands at Glasgow March. zcomm.org "Our voices are not being heard, our voices are being left behind"

sputniknews (2021-11-06). Climate Activists Hold Global Day of Action March in London – Photo, Video. sputniknews.com As the UN Conference on Climate Change (COP26) continues in Glasgow, protesters participate in cities across the world demanding action on climate change.

oneworld.press (2021-11-06). The World Burns While The Elites Enjoy The Great Climate Show. oneworld.press This week the elites from large parts of the world were gathered in Glasgow, Scotland for the COP 26 UN Climate Change Conference, mainly Western leaders, MainStream Media (MSM) journalists and CEOs were present. Joe Biden was in Rome, for the G20 meeting and a meeting with Pope Francis, he drove around with his 85-car motorcade (petrol or diesel).

Brett Wilkins (2021-11-06). Bolivian President Warns 'Carbon Colonialism' Won't Solve Climate Crisis. zcomm.org "The solution," said Luis Arce at COP26, "is to change the model of civilization and move towards an alternative model to capitalism, the concept of living well together in harmony with Mother Earth.

Editor (2021-11-06). The power to change the system. mronline.org With COP26 just around the corner, a wave of industrial action in Scotland is demonstrating the huge opportunity of linking workers' struggle with climate organising. Sara Bennett, Pete Cannell and Raymond Morrell argue that huge shifts in climate struggle are on the way, and that building these links will be essential to winning revolutionary change.

David Moore (2021-11-06). More Than 1 in 4 Members of the Senate Have Fossil Fuel Investments. truthout.org This article was produced by This week at the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, President Biden assured world leaders that the United States would meet its pledge to cut its greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030 compared with 20…

news.un (2021-11-06). COP26: Indigenous peoples, protests, and a call to end the war on nature. news.un.org As millions took to the streets of cities around the world on Saturday, demanding greater climate action, some countries taking part in the COP26 negotiations, made new pledges to invest in nature-based solutions and a greener approach to farming.

Jianjun Yin (2021-11-06). East Coast flooding is a reminder that sea level is rising as the climate warms—here's why the ocean is pouring in more often. nationofchange.org Here's a quick explanation of two main ways climate change is affecting oceans levels and their threat to the world's coasts.

| Namejianjun Yin, Associate Professor of Geoscience, University of Arizona (2021-11-06). East Coast flooding is a reminder that sea level is rising as the climate warms. Jianjun Yin, Associate Professor of Geoscience, University of Arizona

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